Eryn Wells


AppleCupertino, CA

2016 to present
iOS Accessibility Engineer
  • Engineering point of contact for accessibility of SpringBoard and Messages on iOS, and the Braille Screen Input feature of VoiceOver.
  • Implemented new guidance features in iOS 13's Camera to assist VoiceOver users with taking better, more artistic photos.
  • Participated in developer outreach at conferences (WWDC) and onsite events to promote the value of making software accessible and answer developer questions.

Lumos LabsSan Francisco, CA

2014 to 2016
iOS Engineer, Lumosity
  • Migrated from a proprietary navigation implementation in C++ to UIKit components and established patterns for further development
  • Authored process document describing our code review and QA approval process for patches
  • Implemented 1v1 competition feature, which had a greater than 50% engagement rate

VMwarePalo Alto, CA

Member of Technical Staff

Fusion, Product Development

2012 to 2014
  • Restructured keyboard input handling to improve code architecture and accommodate multiple clients of our OS X UI library
  • Redesigned outdated first-run and trial experiences to improve initial impressions, and make it easier to try Fusion
  • Exposed Cocoa configuration UI for a USB device arbitration library written in C (through our platform-independent C++ library, and OS X-specific Objective-C library)

View, Desktop Infrastructure Group

2011 to 2012
  • Engineered an extensive rewrite of VDT to incorporate a new deployment backend relying on VMware vCloud Director, and to allow greater flexibility in how deployments are created
  • Implemented stabilization fixes in the View Deployment Tool (VDT), which is responsible for deploying instances of the View product during automated testing
  • Completed and stabilized system tests designed to exercise several of View’s provisioning features


Oberlin CollegeOberlin, OH

2006 to 2010
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with Honors

Side Projects


C++, graphics
  • Ray tracer written in C++11, utilizing libpng for output and libyaml for scene configuration.
  • Implemented perspective projection camera model, and ray intersection algorithms for a variety of geometric primitives.
  • Researched and implemented basic Lambert and Blinn lighting algorithms.


Cocoa/AppKit, Metal, texture generation, graphics
  • Leveraged Metal's compute and graphics pipelines to generate a pixel perfect 2D texture based on the Metaballs concept.
  • Implemented a variety of color blending modes to render the metaballs in interesting ways.
  • Planned a 3D implementation using the Marching Cubes algorithm.


C++, operating systems
  • Created a tiny booting operating system for x86, using virtual machine platform
  • Designed object-oriented approach to system architecture, wrapping key hardware features in object abstractions
  • Implemented interrupt handling, segmented memory management, and console I/O. Laid groundwork for future page table architecture.


Rust, programming languages
  • Implemented lexer for a portion of the Scheme specification
  • Studied unique language features of Rust, in particular type and lifetime safety
  • Utilized Rust's built-in unit testing facilities to develop in a test-forward way

Skills & Interests

Skills ranked in order of experience
Objective-C, C, C++, Python, Rust, Swift
UIKit, Cocoa, Django
Vim, Git, Xcode, Perforce, Review Board
Spoken Languages
English, Spanish, French
WWDC 2014–2019, PyCon 2012, She's Geeky 2012
Non-Tech Interests
Calligraphy, music, audio synthesis, cooking, baking, yoga