Eryn Wells

Lunar Eclipse 🌝

I shouldn’t be surprised (but I am) that the lunar eclipse happening tomorrow morning has its own Wikipedia page. It won’t be visible at all from most of Europe and Africa, but it will be from most of North America, and on the west coast of North America, we’ll be able to see it all. Yay!

All the times on that page are in UTC. Here are some handy conversions (in 24-hr form) to PST for those of us on the US west coast:

Contact Time (PST)
P1 00:02
U1 01:09
U2 02:16
Max 02:59
U3 03:41
U4 04:49
P4 04:56

If these times make no sense to you, the eclipse starts at roughly midnight tonight, the total eclipse is between 02:16 and 03:41, and it ends at 04:56.

More information about contact points for lunar eclipses can be found in the Timing section on the Wikipedia page for Lunar Eclipse.