Eryn Wells

Less Instagram, More Blog

I’ve been thinking the last few days about how to make use of my blog in 2024. I made some vague noises in this general direction a few days ago in my What Should I Blog About? post too.

My vision since I started posting more here has been to use it as a place to share all sorts of things: stuff I’m working on or thinking about; photos; and stories from travel and life.

I often fall into a trap when I sit down to write something in which I feel like I must first invent the Universe. The need to explain everything from first principles seriously hampers my ability (and frankly, desire) to write anything. I don’t want to only post carefully thought out, highly edited and polished pieces, though I certainly hope some of my posts reach that bar. I hope to also post quick notes and sketches of ideas. I’ve enjoyed reading some quicker posts from Tess and Elaine this past year, and I’d like to follow their example.

I’m not setting myself a specific goal here. The idea is just “more” in a certain general direction. I don’t want to commit to a specific frequency or quality. Instead, I’m hoping this post sets a foundation on which to build a sustainable thinking-writing-sharing habit.

Thanks for coming along. :)