Eryn Wells

We Beat Tetris?

A video appeared in my YouTube recommendations a week or so ago claiming that “someone finally beat Tetris.”

Honestly, when I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was clickbait. But then Tess sent me a link to a post on Cohost.

What everyone is missing about Tetris

That got me to actually go back and watch the video above, and the news is pretty amazing.

I’ve often thought that Tetris, like many other games in the puzzle genre, is a bit grim. There’s no winning; the game continues until you succumb to the increasing difficulty, or make a critical error that costs you the run. Don’t get me wrong though: I still love it.

It’s thrilling to see that humans can in fact overcome the game’s programming. The techniques and analysis folks in the Classic Tetris community have developed to play faster and more accurately are mind-blowing, too.

Well done, Blue Scuti.