Apple: Authentication Experience

– present
  • Presented a video at WWDC 2021 called Secure login with iCloud Keychain verification codes, describing security codes, how they improve password-based authentication, and how to use the new verification code feature of the Password Manager on iOS and macOS
  • Designed and built one-time verification codes for the Password Manager on iOS and macOS

Apple: iOS Accessibility

  • Engineering point of contact for accessibility of SpringBoard and Messages on iOS, and the Braille Screen Input feature of VoiceOver
  • Implemented new guidance features in iOS 13’s Camera to assist VoiceOver users with taking better, more artistic photos
  • Participated in developer outreach at WWDC and onsite events to promote the value of making software accessible and answer developer questions

Lumos Labs: Lumosity iOS

  • Migrated from a proprietary navigation implementation in C++ to UIKit components and established patterns for further development
  • Authored process document describing our code review and QA approval process for patches
  • Implemented 1v1 competition feature, which had a greater than 50% engagement rate

VMware: Fusion

  • Restructured keyboard input handling to improve code architecture and accommodate multiple clients of our OS X UI library
  • Redesigned outdated first-run and trial experiences to improve initial impressions, and make it easier to try Fusion
  • Exposed Cocoa configuration UI for a USB device arbitration library written in C (through our platform-independent C++ library, and OS X-specific Objective-C library)

VMware: View Desktop Infrastructure

  • Engineered an extensive rewrite of VDT to incorporate a new deployment backend relying on VMware vCloud Director, and to allow greater flexibility in how deployments are created
  • Implemented stabilization fixes in the View Deployment Tool (VDT), which is responsible for deploying instances of the View product during automated testing
  • Completed and stabilized system tests designed to exercise several of View’s provisioning features


Oberlin College, BA in Computer Science with Honors 2010