Eryn Wells

Weeknotes for 2024W23

Happy Pride!

I forgot to mention this last week, my first weeknotes post of June. It’s Pride month. I’m grateful to live in a time and place where it’s safe to be and celebrate who I am as a lesbian and a trans person.



Tess and I started watching Hacks on Max this week. We were a little apprehensive at first, but it’s excellent.

I caught some good Phoenix Mercury and Bay FC games this week. Bay FC had a great win against Chicago in Wrigley Field. My adult life continues to have way more sports in it than my teen and early-20s self imagined it would.


I’ve been messing with Blender a lot more this week. Modeling is hard! I’ve tried several times to model one of my coffee mugs, and have spent way too much time trying to get it looking good.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about a website redesign. I’ve been reading about building flexible, resilient, and easy to modify CSS; learning about design systems and how to think about typography and spacing on the web; and writing some test pages to try out concepts I’ve learned.

Someone retooted a JavaScript quine clock, Qlock, into my timeline on Tuesday. Quines are fascinating programming toys: they are programs that produce themselves as output. This one cleverly renders itself as a digital clock.

Cyan dropped the launch trailer of their Riven remake early this week and it looks excellent. The first time I played Riven, I was around 10 years old and I’d gotten a free copy of it bundled with something or other. It came on DVD! I was a little young then to appreciate the full depth of the game, and found the puzzles extremely difficult. I’m looking forward to playing through with better, adult-sized problem solving skills.

The Purpose of a System is What it Does by Anil Dash.

Swift at 10 by Michael Tsai is a good look at where Swift is after ten years. (Hard to believe it’s been ten years.)