Eryn Wells

Weeknotes for 2024W22


I started working through Blender Guru’s Blender 4.0 Donut Tutorial. I mostly finished it – I still have some videos about lighting and such to work through. Blender has changed a lot since I first picked it up in 2009, when I took a 3D modeling class in college.

Tess, a couple friends, and I spent an evening at Kabuki Springs on Sunday night. Delightful.


I finished Three Body Problem on Netflix. I haven’t read the books (I’ve been told they’re definitely worth it) but I did really enjoy the show.

Godzilla Minus One came to Netflix this week. It’s excellent. I’ve been on a kaiju movie and show kick recently, having watched Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV+. I enjoyed the slightly old-school Godzilla vibe compared to the newer American movies in the franchise.