Eryn Wells



An open source font I rediscovered recently.

Hello Chess Friend

I started building a chess engine in Rust. Here it is.

What Should I Blog About?

I came across this handy list of things to blog about when you don’t know what to blog about. As someone who often doesn’t know what to blog about, it’s nice to have a list of ideas for what to blog about.

Guide to Computing

I really enjoyed looking through the images on Docubyte’s Guide to Computing. It depicts machines from the early days of modern computing – think IBM mainframes, PDP-1’s, and lots of midcentury modern design – in a way I found really intriguing.

Mastodon Icon

I finally got around to replacing the Twitter icon in the site’s header with a link to my Mastodon page. It was surprisingly tricky because of how I styled and layed out those icons. I was able to clean up the SVGs a little bit too.

These days I have way too many social media accounts. I’m mostly on Mastodon and Instagram.

Atom Feed Bug Fixes

A kind reader pointed out to me that my Atom feed was incorrect. There were two problems. First, I was specifying an incorrect URL in the feed’s <link rel="self"> – it was pointing to a nonexistant feed.xml file. Second, I was omitting a <link> tag from the entries entirely.

Thunderbird didn’t like this. With no <link> for an entry, it would show the feed’s <link> in it’s UI. And that link left users at a 404 page.

I pushed a fix this morning. You might have to refresh or resubscribe to pick up the changes.

Netscape Meteors: Retrospective

Someone shared my Netscape Meteors post on the Orange Website, causing it to be moderately viral for a few days. Here’s an update on the web traffic my server received.

Netscape Meteors

I went on a hunt to find the "Meteors" loading animation from Netscape back in the 90s, and wrote up my adventure.

Where Am I

In the wake of Elon Musk taking control of Twitter, a lot of folks have decided it’s not as welcoming a place as it once was. In my circles, there’s been a huge movement of people to Mastodon and cohost mainly. I have accounts on all of those places, though I haven’t quite figured out where I’ll land yet. If you’re interested in following me anywhere else on the internet, I made a handy list.

Hugo's Dictionary API

I’ve found Hugo’s API for collections to be difficult to understand. Here’s my attempt to summarize it’s quirks.

Making an Audio Scope with P5.js

A writeup of a small JavaScript waveform visualizer I made with P5.js.

Profiling ZSH

In which I learn about how to profile my ZSH init files.

Booting a Raspberry Pi Over TFTP

A writeup of how I set up a Raspberry Pi to boot over TFTP to facilitate an operating system development project.